Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tips for when you have an Orange County plumbing emergency

Owning a home in most cases create a need to access to plumbing services. Plumbing emergencies can occur unpredictably in our Orange County homes. But what do you do in case of an emergency? If it occurs, there is no reason to panic. The issue can be fixed without any big challenge. It only takes a bit simple knowledge and few items to fix the problem related to pipes, clogged drain, and leaky toilets or faucet. The following are important tips to aid in managing the situation and preventing further destruction.

1. Shut- off valves- It is very important to locate all the house’s main shut-off valves especially when moving to a new house. The properly placed shut-off valves are normally located near water meters or the well-pumps. In case of an emergency, the shut off valves becomes very useful in controlling water flow through the pipes.

2. Leaking faucet- The leaking faucet should be repaired immediately since small drops for a long time may add up to a large volume of water which reflects home’s water bill. When the leak is noticed, the water supply to the sink should be turned off to prevent further damage and also allows the process of repair to be done comfortably.

3. Clogged or overflowing toilet - It is the most common problem that is experienced in most homes. For the case of toilets that are almost overflowing, cold water from sink or bathtub should be turned to prevent the toilet’s water use. Also, the valve to the toilet should be shut off. This will prevent water from flowing onto the floor while draining the toilet using a flange plunger.

4. Frozen pipes- The frozen pipes can prevent the free flow of water through the pipes, and worst of all can cause the pipes to burst. The remedy to it is to use a space heater or hair dryer to thaw them. The process should be done with caution. The heater or hair dryer should be used for only 10 to 15 minutes at a time.

5. Toilet’s flush mechanism failure- It can cause water to run constantly or cause automatic flushing of toilet frequently. This may result in wastage of water. To stop the waste of water, the water supply to the toilet should be turned off to allow repair or complete replacement of flush mechanism.

6. Leaking hot water- In case hot water is dripping or leaking from a faucet, it is necessary to stop water flowing from the main supply, and since the hot water tank will drain, the breaker that supplies electricity to the hot heater should be shut off to prevent it from burning out. This will reduce the expenses of doing the repair that can be very costly.

In conclusion, when the tips are properly used they can be very effective in the case of a plumbing emergency. If the tips become tricky to apply, it will be very important to have the contact information of trusted and most reliable plumber to assist in solving the problems.

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